Coockie Policy

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Information about the surfing will be saved while you browse on our website. You can change your preferences about your data saved clicking on specific keys on the website to express your consent to the use of cookies.


  1. What are cookies?

Cookies are short text files and are downloaded on user's device when he visits a website. At each subsequent visit, cookies are sent back to the website that originated them (first parties cookies) or to the other site that recognizes them

( third parties cookies)

Cookies are used for different purposes for example they allow you  a better service by monitoring which pages are useful and which are not; they remember you your favourite websites and improve your surfing experience.

Cookies are also used to follow the navigation settings of an user on a website. They allow to keep settings and data of the user  during one or more visits on the website.


  1. What are cookies for?

Technical cookies

These cookies can't be disabled because they are essential to improve our services. They allow

  1. to save information collected in the form filled in by the user ( authentication, access to the private area of the website, registration to services, content of the shopping cart, etc)
  2. to communicate special offers
  3. to log in to own account with username and password
  4. to suggest security measures for example when the user has to log back after a certain time.
  5. to track user's activity in order to check the right operation of the service.


Profiling cookies

These cookies allow to show the most relevant offers and advertisements for the user. Using navigation data a segmentation of that is important for the user is performed so during the browsing on the website the most suitable contents are proposed.

Profiling cookies allow to measure also the effectiveness of advertisements and  to manage the invoicing.


Analytics cookies

This type of cookies allow to collect navigation data of our users to perform statistical studies and improve user's experience.

They allow us to understand above all the behaviour of our customers, to improve the use of our services  and to track the use's frequency.


  1. How to express your choices about the use of cookies?
  2. a) To express your choice by the website

Setting of cookies

You can enable or  disable all cookies or a part of them or you can delete cookies already defined changing the settings from the menu Help of internet browser.

If you do in this way all website's interactive functions will not be available.

To accept or to refuse cookies is your right.

By default settings  most browsers generally accept the use of cookies both from our site and from third sites. However it is possible to change these settings.

To manage the use of cookies it is necessary to change browser settings through the toolbar.

Here you can find links to the resources that describe how the most popular browsers manage the cookies:

  • Mozilla Firefox: to delete cookies; to block cookies of websites
  • Google Chrome: to manage cookies
  • Safari: to manage cookies
  • Internet Explorer: to manage cookies