First of all our dresses are designed and realized through a 2D drawing. After there is
the 3D model's creation and of its paper pattern.
To allow the customization of clothing items,we identify the different options about
small variations of base model, choice of clothes and of additional accessories .....
…. only after this, we realize the final prototypes.
Lastly each model, variant and accessory is upload on our site through photos,
rendering 3D and photoshop.
All this is uploaded on a mannequin 2 D to allow our customers to customize the
dress and to display the final result.


The customer orders your customized dress to the company through the site.....

The item is created in a tailor's shop thanks to skillful hands of designers and tailors...

Then it is packaged and shipped.

The craftsmanship of the product requires delivery times of about 25 days from order confirmation, in order to guarantee its high quality.